Small and Flexible

Responsive to Your Organisational Needs

FOX is one of the Northern Territory’s most experienced, diverse and innovative community health service providers whose core business is the delivery of face-to-face training and education to nurses and, health and community care workers.

FOX Education and Consultancy

Our Vision

FOX will be a leader in nursing, care-giving and community services education for future and current nursing and care workers.

FOX Education and Consultancy

Our Mission

Meeting the needs of our clients, industry and stakeholders through delivery of contemporary, flexible and tailored approaches to quality training, education and support.

Our Values

FOX is committed to delivering education and service outcomes through:

  • Professionalism imparted in practice
  • Holistic and client focus education
  • Respectfulness
  • Empowering students and services
  • Pathways to careers and lifelong learning
  • Connecting with industry and stakeholders

Relevant and Up-to-Date Knowledge

Extensive evidence-based research ensures our services are relevant to today’s practice. Only highly experienced and qualified professionals are engaged to deliver training.

FOX provides adult learning opportunities that encourage participation, interaction, practical skills development, personal responsibility and professional conduct amongst their students and learners.

FOX Education and Consultancy Darwin NT

Rigorous standards apply to students as well as our staff.

For further information, please refer to NMBA English Language skill registration standard at:

Being small and flexible, we can be responsive to organisational needs and work with Industry in a consistent manner to achieve desired training outcomes.


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Latest News

News and updates related to our students, school and industry.

Our Courses

Our courses are delivered by qualified industry professionals, who understand the context of practice and embrace the principles of cultural safety in their teaching.

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