Vet Student Loans

Fox Education and Consultancy is a government approved Vet Student Loan (VSL) provider, able to offer VSL to eligible students to assist with their tuition fees for the Diploma of Nursing.

If you’re eligible for the VSL, the Australian Government may approve your application for an approved course. This means they will pay your loan directly to Fox Education and Consultancy. The debt of this loan will then be managed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).  The loan cap for the Diploma of Nursing as of January 2022 is $16,221.  You are also required to purchase other items related to your program, including textbooks and equipment. These are additional fees and expenses that are not covered by VSL.

A VET student loan results in a VSL debt that continues to be a debt due to the government until it is repaid. You will not have to start paying back the loan until you reach the compulsory repayment threshold. The compulsory repayment threshold is adjusted annually. As of January 2022, this threshold is A$47,014.


VET Student loans will not be approved for students that do not meet the eligibility requirements.

  1. Meet the citizenship requirements

For more information on the citizenship requirements

       2. Be enrolled in a VSL approved course

        3. Be studying with an approved provider

        4. Apply to for VSL using the approved form 

After completion of all eligibility checks with Fox Education and Consultancy, apply to the Commonwealth Government using the approved Government eCAF form.

      5. Submit Progression forms to confirm ongoing engagement and progression. 

Academic Suitability

Eligible students must have:

  • achieved an exit level score of 3 or higher in an approved Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment,
  • Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education for Year 12 or
  • AQF level 4 Qualification and higher delivered in English

Language, Literacy & Numeracy

How to take your LLN assessment:

The assessment can be accessed at Fox Education and Consultancy office. The assessment will take about 45 minutes to complete.

  1. Student will login with their provide username and password.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the Initial Assessment for Maths and English.
  3. your score is shown immediately after completion of each assessment.
  4. Didn't quite get the result you wanted? you can retake your LLN assessment to achieve a higher score.

How to Apply

  1. Request a VSL from Fox Education and Consultancy 

Fox Education and Consultancy will email you to request required documentation evidence to assess eligibility. Eligible students are also required to read the VET Student Loan Student Information Booklet  this will be emailed to the student upon receival of request for VSL. VSL information booklet v6.0

2. Complete an eCAF before the census date

Upon assessment of eligibility you will receive an email from the Government eCAF website providing access to complete your VET Student Loan form. Make sure you complete the form on the Government   eCAF website before your first census date.

Withdrawing from your course

You can apply to withdraw from your course by requesting a withdrawal form from admin@fox.edu.au

You will receive a refund for all units with a census date in the future. For units that have past census dates, you will be liable for the tuition fees and if you have a government loan the fee will be reported to the government and payable to the ATO. The census date is the last day you can withdraw from a unit without being liable for all the fees related to that unit.

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